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Friday, August 08, 2003

The Today Show confirms that throwin' a hottie into anything makes in more interesting. This morning on the Today Show, Matt interviewed Nigel Marven and Heidi Klum; he is a shark expert and tv host and she is the hotty that, it is hoped, will improve the ratings of Shark Week on Discovery (its starts Sunday night). I mean they probably would not have landed a segment on Today if she weren't involved. It reminds me of that $10,000 game where contestants 'shoot naked hotties' with a paintball gun. BTW, Heidi was sporting a very 1976-era blond feathered hair-do. Its looked good. BTW, the Today website describes Ms. Klum as an actress. What movies has she been in?
Wednesday, August 06, 2003
HERE R THE O.C. NOTES and some random bits...

Initial thoughts upon hearing, main character is over-achiever, hidden in tough guy bod, too GOOD WILL HUNTING fer me... While I don't think this guy Ben Mckenzie (who was on the View yesterday and they gushed over him) is the next Crowe, I do think he looks like Abram from Road Rules... Do ya see?

Sandy Cohen -- the Jewish Liberal lawyer/dad on The O.C. ? Way Tooooo Cliche!..... Didn't Dharma and Greg have a liberal jewish daddy (Larry Finkelstein was the name), Alan Alda has played the role in a few Woody movies as well as in Flirting with Disaster. (one of Ben Stiller's top 3 films -- up there with Zoolander Speaking of worn out images, the loose use of brand names to define peops is reminiscent of Patrick Bateman of American Psycho. (The book is infinitely more disturbing than the film). For example, when the O.C. Mom argues that her daughter was to be in Vera Wang, not Calvin Klein, the coordinator spews further insult & explains the young girl had not the breast for the Wang... Wang... Wanger.... Donger

THE USE OF ALCOHOL AND DRUGS early in The O.C., shows how far we, the American viewing public, have come. The premiere episode included background players using cocaine and marijuana & having 3sums while the primary players drink; one of them to the point of passing out... While alcohol may have appeared in opening episodes of 90210, to the best of my knowledge 'heavier' drugs didn't enter until seasons laters. I guess thats what happens when you replace Aaron Spelling with Doug Liman (GO!). The O.C. is gonna be good, but the bar is up there and violence, given the early roughhouzin, is probably en la mesa.. Also, I have avoided commenting on Sandy Cohen's supposedly weird, but cool and endearing son, Seth. BITING MY TONGUE. GIVING HIM ANOTHER CHANCE NEXT WEEK.

I AM SICK OF KATIE COURAC and her awe shucks act with Hollywood's leading men. She was all at it again today with LL Cool J. She was callin' him James Todd and it was really annoying. I will give a shout out to MSBC b/c their media player is great (though nowhere near as good as a Tivo)... Watch the clip of Katie gushing goofily over him... BTW, LL is huge in this movie, but with a shaved head etc, he was lookin' like a mini Vin Diesel.
I WOKE UP SINGING..California Here I come....

Though, as far as I understood from last night's premiere of The O.C., Ryan came from California. So, maybe it meant Chino (the town in California where Ryan was from) was so bad that it wasn't really California.

So here are my assorted comments on last nights groundbreaking premiere of The O.C.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

I hit it on Tivo. Many comments to come on the premiere episode. There were moments of clarity amidst the chaos that is a FOX/Doug Liman premiere. Go!

Been Awhile, but I'm back KOBE AS CIRCUS, as in Bread and

Had some travels that left my internet access spotty at best. Won't happen again, I'll hit the Kinkos if need be en la futura. Lo Siento.

Now, for tivo. GOD DID I MISS MY TIVO WHILE TRAVELING. Dear Tivo product managers... please make a pocket size/travel tivo like travel connect four. Thank you. Oh, and make tivo available for the car radio.

So, what have I been watchin'. Obviously they are goin' non stop on Kobe and his wife. The whole jewelry thing is so Soprano-like. I'll tell you, it appears the public doesn't like entertainers stepping out of their place as entertainment. No one demanded morality of Kobe, only great hoops, but when he puts himself into this situation, then his morality will be measured.

Same thing for those Hollywood political types. When they step out of their roles and try to inhabit the REAL WORLD (and no reality tv is not real, even if you are Hammer or Gabrielle Sarteris). Stay in the circus. If you step out, then you might just end up like the bread side of the equation... shat out.

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