The Adventures of DJ and his TIVO
Sunday, July 20, 2003

A tivo moment I had on Saturday made me wonder how many little Iraqi/American babies our GIs are gonna make before this occupation ends? And beyond that b/c civilians and 'civilians' (CIA) are gonna hang around after the troops leave.

Heres how it all went down. A Classic 'Tivo Channel Hang Over' moment. On Sat. morns, mivo (thats short for my tivo -- ie, I love mivo or alternatively, mivo loves me and always hooks me up with classic All in the Families on Nick) grabs three 90210s. So the 'channel hang over' occurs when the gang is off, mivo stops recording, but stays parked on FX. So, I come into the room and me box is on FX and its airing on old episode of MASH. The dude who played John Baker (Ponch's partner on Chips) is a bit player on this episode of MASH and has fathered a kid with a local (Korean) girl. So thats what got me thinking. I know that whenever we figt in wars our GIs leave some kids (Japan, Korean, Nam). I gotta assume this has been happening since Romulus and Remus, but I am givin everyone a heads up on it in Iraq. Should we grant these kids citiizenship and move them over here? But, that could costs some cash and we have a big enough deficit and enough kids here already.

Another Tivo 'suprise' was sent my way this weekend, when 'breaking news' interrupted reg scheduling on MSNBC.

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